Top 4 Tourist Attractions to visit in North London

Top 4 Tourist Attractions to Visit in North London.

North London is the area of London, England, situated to the north of the Thames River. It stretches from the financial district of the City of London’s Clerkenwell and Finsbury to the border of Greater London with Hertfordshire.

The phrase is used to set the region apart from east, west, and south London. A portion of central London also includes parts of north London. There is a Northern postal area, but it encompasses some areas that aren’t typically considered to be in north London while leaving out a large number of areas that are.


History of North London.

However, London’s growth beyond its Roman northern gates was slower than in other directions, due in part to the marshy ground north of the wall and the poorly connected roads that passed through those gates. Up until the Victorian era, the parishes that would eventually become north London were essentially rural. A large number of these parishes were combined into what was known as Middlesex’s Finsbury division [citation needed].

This pattern persisted in the twentieth century and was strengthened by motorcar-based commuting until the Metropolitan Green Belt was established, preventing further urban expansion in London, shortly after World War II.


Planning of North London.

A sub-region called “North” was included in the 2011 London Plan and was intended to be used for planning, engagement, resource allocation, and progress reporting. The London Boroughs of Barnet, Haringey, and Enfield made up this group. The London Plan sub-regions for 2004–2008 and 2008–2011 had different compositions.

You may go to these excellent places to cheer your mind up.


1. Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Airport - Tour Advice

There are many different kinds of greenery in North London’s Hampstead Health Park, along with a few historic benches to sit on. The park is also well known for having serene ponds, gorgeous walking trails, and a plethora of other features that inspire tourists to dream. Those come here to get away from their hectic lives, live a little, and experience peace, either by themselves or with others.

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2. Venice’s Little.
Venice's Little - Tour Advice

Tucked away in North London, Little Venice is a quaint canal-side neighborhood. All of us are familiar with the fascinating city of Venice in Italy, and we all adore visiting it. The reason this location is known as “Little Venice” is because of how wonderful it looks and how it enhances the surrounding area. A charming scene that appears to have been taken straight out of a storybook is created by the vibrant houseboats bordering the breathtaking rivers.


3. The Alexander Palace.

The Alexander Palace - Tour Advice

There are countless palaces spread across England, especially in London obviously we all know it is the nation’s capital and real estate a vast majority of these historic structures were first constructed for the benefit of kings and nobles. In the same way, Alexandra Palace is truly amazing because it hosts numerous sporting events, festivals, and concerts and is still stunning today.


4. The Museum of Britain.

The Museum of Britain - Tour Advice

The British Museum is primarily situated in Central London, but its entrance gate is in North London, making it convenient for residents of that area to visit this organization that houses collections of artwork and artifacts spanning from the first to the fifteenth centuries. I implore the wonderful explorer to come and explore the magnificent North London.

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