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The deer have been playing a significant role in the park's record and drags the attention of lots of visitors every year from around the world 

Richmond park's  special grassland habitat will depend on grazing and the parkland trees and shrubs have a unique 'browse lines' as the deer eat all the leaves and twigs growing below about 1.5 metres. Deer grazing also inhibits tree seedlings from growing, keeping the grassland wide open.

Dear at Richmond Park

The deer are wildlife - please keep at least 50 metres from the deer and become alert to your surroundings so you do not come between two rutting stags or a mom and her leg.

Usually someone should not touch, give food to or picture the deer at close range.

Deer at Richmond Park

Deer advice for dog walkers in Richmond Park

Deer are wildlife and can be unstable. Richmond Area is a characteristics reserve with herds of outdoors deer roaming widely.

Deer can feel threatened by pups even over long ranges and when your dog is not behaving in a provocative manner.


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Deer at Richmond Park

To report a personal injury to a puppy or a deer, please phone 0300 061 2200 or email

Deer advice for photographers

Commercial photographers and the ones operating picture taking workshops must obtain a licence beforehand. Please see our commercial and filming web page for additional information.

Deer at Richmond Park

Through the rutting season there exists particular affinity for the deer. During this time period, photography enthusiasts have been observed encompassing deer which can hinder the span of nature and become very tense for the deer. Deer are wildlife and their space must be well known. Always keep at the least 50 metres away, use an extended zoom lens and consider browsing when its less inclined to be active, on weekdays and early on mornings.

Deer at Richmond Park

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