Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas around the World in 2022

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas around the World

1. Christmas in New York City: 

Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, New York, USA

Celebrating Christmas in New York City is an unforgettable experience! There’s so much to see and do, from attending world-famous holiday events like the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting and the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular to visiting iconic attractions like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. You can also explore the city’s festive holiday markets, take a holiday-themed cruise around Manhattan, explore the city’s Christmas lights and decorations, and shop for unique gifts at department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. And don’t forget to take in the iconic ice skating rinks, like the one at Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park. To top it all off, there are plenty of amazing restaurants to enjoy a festive dinner. No matter how you choose to celebrate Christmas in New York City, it’s sure to be a magical experience.

2. Quebec City, Canada

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas around the world in 2022

Vieux-Québec, La Cité-Limoilou, Québec, QC, Canada

Christmas in Quebec City is a magical experience. The city is transformed into an enchanting winter wonderland with its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and festive decorations. You can find a variety of activities to enjoy, like caroling in the streets, ice skating at Place d'Youville, and checking out the beautiful Christmas market. There are also plenty of delicious treats to sample, like sugar pie, poutine, and tourtière. You can also explore the citys many churches and cathedrals, where you can attend special Christmas services and hear traditional carols. Make sure to visit the iconic Château Frontenac, which is illuminated with thousands of Christmas lights, and of course, no trip to Quebec City would be complete without a visit to the famous ice hotel. Lastly, dont forget to take in the spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River and the Laurentian Mountains. With so many things to do, Christmas in Quebec City is sure to be a memorable experience.

3. Christmas in Basel, Switzerland

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas around the World in 2022

Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland is a beautiful city that celebrates the holiday season in style. There are a variety of activities and events that take place throughout the month of December. The Christmas markets are one of the most popular attractions. You can find a variety of handcrafted items and delicious treats at the markets. There are also many concerts and performances on offer, and visitors can enjoy a ride on the Christmas Express. The Christmas Parade is another highlight of the season. It takes place on the first Sunday of December and features floats, marching bands, and street performers. The city comes alive with decorations and lights during the holiday season, so it is the perfect time to explore. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars offering festive menus and special seasonal drinks. Finally, don't miss out on the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. This is held on the last Sunday of December and is followed by a fireworks display.

4. Nuremberg, Germany

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas in the World

Nuremberg, Germany

Christmas in Nuremberg, Germany is a magical time of year. From the end of November, the city is illuminated with Christmas lights and decorations. The market stalls in the Hauptmarkt, the main square, are stocked with festive items, including handmade wooden toys and traditional Nuremberg gingerbread. During the Christmas season, the city comes alive with a range of events and activities. Every evening, a Christmas parade with marching bands and floats passes through the city streets. In addition, there are carol concerts, choirs, and traditional dancing in the city’s churches and squares. There are also plenty of opportunities for shopping for gifts and souvenirs in the city’s many stores and markets. On Christmas Day, the city’s churches hold special services, and on Christmas Eve, the city’s Christmas tree is lit up in the Hauptmarkt. On New Year’s Eve, there is a special fireworks display in the city.

5. Rome And Vatican City

Christmas in Rome and Vatican City is a special time of the year. The city is adorned with festive decorations and lights and there are many events to enjoy. Christmas Mass is celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica and the Pope’s Christmas message is broadcast worldwide. The Christmas season begins with the lighting of the Christmas tree and the Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square. Rome’s main Christmas market runs from mid-November to just before Christmas Eve. The market offers a variety of traditional Christmas items as well as local crafts and gifts. Vatican City also celebrates the holidays with special events. On December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated with a special Mass and procession to the Basilica of St. Peter. On Christmas Eve, the Pope leads a special Mass and blessing in St. Peter’s Square. Rome also celebrates the traditional Italian holiday of Epiphany on January 6. The day is marked with a parade of the magi and a special Mass. At the end of the Mass, the Pope throws coins from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica for the children. Christmas in Rome and the Vatican City is a magical

6. Sydney, Australia

Christmas in Sydney, Australia is a festive time of year filled with holiday cheer. Christmas lights, decorations, and carols fill the air. Christmas in Sydney is a great time for family activities and sightseeing. Sydney is home to some of Australia's most iconic attractions, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Christmas in Sydney is the perfect time to explore the city. The Christmas markets, located at the Rocks and Darling Harbour, are the perfect places to find unique gifts and souvenirs. On Christmas Day, enjoy a traditional roast lunch with all the trimmings. Take a ferry ride around the harbor to admire the decorations. The iconic Christmas lights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge will light up the night sky and signal the start of the holiday season.

On New Year's Eve, the city is lit up with fireworks and festivities. Join in the celebrations at the Sydney Opera House or the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Enjoy a meal at one of the city's many restaurants or enjoy the festivities in the city center. Christmas in Sydney is a magical time of year and a great time to experience the best of what Australia has to offer. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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10 Best Places to Visit in Finland

Finland is a great destination for travelers looking to explore the outdoors, take in some culture, and explore the great city of Helsinki. Popular activities include visiting the medieval city of Turku, the World Heritage Site of Suomenlinna, and the northern lights in Lapland. Other attractions include the Santa Claus Village, the Northern Lights Village, the Saimaa Canal, and the Sami Culture. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to do in Finland like skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. Finland is also a great place to experience delicious food, meet friendly locals, and take in the beautiful scenery.


1. Helsinki


Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland. It is a vibrant, modern city with a rich cultural heritage. There are many attractions to explore in Helsinki, including the historic Old Town, the beautiful architecture, the lively nightlife, and the many parks and green spaces. A great way to start exploring Helsinki is to take a guided walking tour. There are several companies offering these tours, and they will take you to some of the most interesting places in the city, including Senate Square, the Sibelius Monument, and the Rock Church.

If you’re looking for some outdoor activities, head to the nearby islands of Suomenlinna, Pihlajasaari, and Vallisaari. Here you can explore the castles, forts, and nature trails. You can also take a boat tour of the islands and enjoy the beautiful views of the city from the sea. If you’re in the mood for some shopping, Helsinki has plenty to offer. Visit the traditional market square Kauppatori, where you can find a variety of Finnish souvenirs and crafts or head to the Kamppi Shopping Centre for the latest fashion and designer labels. 

For some culture, visit the National Museum of Finland or the Finnish National Gallery. To experience the city’s vibrant nightlife, head to Kallio or Punavuori for some of the best bars and clubs in town.
No matter what you’re looking for, Helsinki has something for everyone.

2. Lapland

Lapland is a great place to visit for both adults and children. There are plenty of activities to do in this region of Finland, such as dog sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and reindeer sleigh rides. You can also visit Santa Claus Village, the Ice Hotel, and the Ranua Wildlife Park, or enjoy a Northern Lights tour. Lapland also has plenty of cultural attractions to explore, including the Sami culture, traditional villages, and the Sámi Museum. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape, Lapland has something for everyone.






3. Turku

Turku is a city in southwestern Finland and is the oldest city in the country. With a population of over 200,000, it is the sixth-largest city in Finland.

There are many things to do in Turku, from historical sites to museums and galleries to shopping and entertainment. A few of the must-see attractions in Turku include the Turku Castle, the Turku Cathedral, and the Turku Art Museum. You can also take a boat tour to explore the city’s many islands. If you are looking for something a bit more active, there are several parks and trails to explore, as well as the Turku Zoo.
In addition to the attractions, Turku has a thriving restaurant and bar scene. There are a variety of international restaurants, as well as traditional Finnish eateries. You can also find nightlife spots, live music venues, and cinemas. Turku is a great destination for a weekend getaway or a longer holiday. With so much to see and do, you’ll never be bored!


4. Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland in Finland and is a great place to visit. There are many activities to enjoy while in Rovaniemi.
1. Visit Santa Clause Village – Located right at the Arctic Circle, Santa Clause Village is a must-visit for anyone visiting Rovaniemi. Here, visitors can take pictures with Santa and explore the village’s many shops and attractions.
2. Explore the Arctic Circle Crossing – The Arctic Circle Crossing is a unique experience that takes visitors across the Arctic Circle. Those who make the crossing receive a certificate of participation.
3. Visit the Arktikum Museum – Arktikum is a museum and science center dedicated to the culture and history of the Arctic. Visitors can explore the many exhibits and learn about the region’s unique environment.
4. Go Dog Sledding – Dog sledding is a popular activity in the area, and visitors can take a ride in a traditional sled pulled by huskies.
5. Enjoy the Nightlife – Rovaniemi has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.
6. Take a Reindeer Sleigh Ride – Reindeer sleigh rides are a fun and traditional way to explore the area. Guests can take a ride in a sleigh pulled by reindeer and enjoy the winter scenery.

5. Tampere

Tampere, sometimes known as the Manchester of Finland, offers a wealth of activities and attractions for visitors. The city boasts one of the most vibrant cultural scenes in Finland and is home to a number of museums, galleries, and theatres. For those looking for outdoor activities, Tampere is one of the best places in the country for hiking, cycling, and other outdoor sports. The Tampere Cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks of the city, while other attractions include the Tampere Water Tower, the Särkänniemi amusement park, and the Sarkanniemi Aquarium. The city also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year, including the Tampere Jazz Happening and the Tampere Film Festival.




6. Porvoo

Porvoo is a city in the southeastern region of Finland, about 50km east of Helsinki. The city is known for its beautiful old town, with cobbled streets, quaint wooden buildings, and unique boutiques and restaurants.
There is plenty to do in Porvoo, from visiting the city’s many museums and galleries to exploring its picturesque canals and waterways. The city is also home to several festivals and events throughout the year, including the Porvoo Food and Culture Festival and the Summertime Jazz Festival. For a taste of traditional Finnish culture, visitors can visit the historic Porvoo Cathedral, which dates back to the 15th century. Or, take a stroll through the idyllic old town, where you can find plenty of interesting shops, galleries, and cafés to explore.
Nature lovers will find plenty to explore in and around Porvoo as well. The region is home to several nature reserves, including the Nuuksio National Park, where you can admire the stunning views of Lake Päijänne and the surrounding forests. No matter what your interests are, Porvoo is sure to have something to offer. Whether you’re looking for culture, nature, or something in between, you’re sure to find something to love in this charming Finnish city.




7. Kuopio

Kuopio is a vibrant city located in the heart of Finland. It is well known for its stunning natural beauty and its many cultural attractions. Here are some of the top things to do when visiting Kuopio:
1. Take a boat ride on the stunning Lake Kallavesi. On the lake, you can witness some of the most beautiful landscapes in Finland.
2. Visit the Kuopio City Hall, which is the largest wooden building in Northern Europe.
3. Explore the Kuopio Art Museum, where you can see a variety of works from both Finnish and international artists.
4. Head to Puijo Tower and enjoy the view of the city from the top.
5. Take a stroll through the Kuopio Market Square and browse the many stalls.
6. Visit the Kuopio Cathedral, a beautiful example of neo-Gothic architecture.
7. Take a walk around the Kuopio University Botanical Gardens and admire the diverse range of plants and flowers.
8. Visit the Kuopio Science Center, where you can enjoy interactive exhibits and experiments.
9. Go on a nature walk in the nearby Pyhä-Luosto National Park and explore the beautiful forests, lakes, and rolling hills.
10. End your trip with a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants in Kuopio.


8. Levi

Levi is a popular tourist destination in Finland, offering a wide range of activities and attractions. There are many things to do in Levi, including skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, snowshoeing, and snow tubing. You can also enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding mountains and forests, explore the local culture, or relax at one of the local spas. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from, as well as plenty of shopping opportunities. The nearby town of Kittilä is also worth a visit, as it is home to the Levi Ski and Snowboard Resort, the largest in Finland.





Top 10 Places to Visit in London During Winter


9. Saariselka

Saariselka is an attractive destination for tourists who are looking for a combination of outdoor adventure and relaxation. The resort town is nestled in the wilderness of northern Finland and is known for its picturesque views of the nearby Urho Kekkonen National Park. Visitors can explore the park by skiing, snowshoeing, and mountain biking, or head out on a guided tour to spot the area’s diverse wildlife. For those looking for a more laid-back experience, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes to choose from. Popular activities include visiting the local shops, taking a reindeer safari, and soaking in the natural hot springs. In the winter, the local ski slopes provide plenty of fun and thrills, while the nearby ice rink is a treat for ice skating fans. No matter the season, Saariselka is an ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday.







10. Olavinlinna Castle

Olavinlinna Castle, also known as Olofsborg, is a 15th-century castle located in Savonlinna, Finland. Built in 1475, it is one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses in the country and a popular tourist attraction. The castle is situated on a small island in Lake Saimaa and offers stunning views of the surrounding scenery. It is home to several museums and hosts events throughout the year, such as concerts, festivals, and theatrical performances. Visitors to the castle can explore the grounds, visit the museum, and take part in guided tours.

Top 10 Places to Visit in London During Winter

Top 10 Places to Visit in London During Winter

Great cities like London attract a lot of tourists all year long.

Even though the wintertime weather in London isn't ideal, there are still some outdoor attractions, and if you dress accordingly, it won't be a problem.

It is easy to arrange an itinerary for a London winter weekend, a few days, or even a whole week or more because there are so many more indoor attractions.

There won't be as many people, save on special occasions, but given the vastness of the city, getting tickets in advance is still a good idea. Travel is easy, even on the outskirts of this big city, thanks to the city's transit infrastructure. These recommendations will aid you in your planning.


Photo by Francais a Londres on Unsplash

Even if you are not a major fan of the Harry Potter movie series, the walking tour through some of the movie locations is fascinating and will probably fire your hunger to sit down and watch one of them.

The trip departs from Southwark Cathedral and travels by a number of London's most well-known attractions. With a professional guide delivering information as you walk and responding to questions from their participants, you may learn how these places relate to Harry Potter. The Warner Brothers Studio's Harry Potter movie sets are a must-see if you're a fan. Reserve your tickets now to avoid the line; it's a very popular attraction.


Photo by Med Amine CB on Unsplash

Madam Tussaud's wax figures are renowned the world over.

Although there are now many locations throughout the world, Baker Street in London was where it all started about two centuries ago. The modern museum is located on a larger and closer property on Marylebone Road.

Marie Tussaud, a French sculptor who was unable to return to her native country due to the Napoleonic Wars, decided to open her museum in London. While some exhibitions are rotated based on the popularity of entertainers, politicians, athletes, and celebrities, others are on permanent display.

Despite the fact that there are more than 20 such museums around the globe today, London is still the biggest and most stunning choice. Since Madam Tussaud's is a well-liked attraction in London, you should buy your tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line.

Madam Tussaud’s is one of the most iconic wax museums in the world. It is best known for its life-size wax replicas of famous people, including actors, politicians, sports stars, and royalty. The museum was founded by Marie Tussaud in 1835 in London, England. Since then, it has grown to become a global phenomenon with branches in cities such as New York, Amsterdam, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. As well as wax figures, the museum also offers interactive experiences, including a 4D cinema and a ‘Spirit of London’ ride. Visitors can take pictures with the wax figures and have a unique experience. The museum is sure to entertain families, couples, and individuals alike.


Photo by Radu Ioan Iancu on Unsplash

On December 31, 1999, the London Eye on the Thames officially opened as part of London's celebration of the impending millennium.

At 135 m, it is still the tallest observation wheel in the world (450 ft). In the winter, we probably need to dress warmly even throughout the day. This is a popular attraction, though, so you might consider purchasing a ticket in advance to avoid the lines. Depending on how clear the day is, as you reach the pinnacle, you can see London beneath your feet.

To ride the London Eye, visitors must purchase a ticket from the London Eye ticket office, either in person or online. After purchasing a ticket, visitors must check in at the London Eye entrance, where they will be issued a boarding pass. Visitors then board one of the 32 capsules on the London Eye and enjoy a 30-minute flight, during which they can take in the stunning views of London. The London Eye is wheelchair accessible and visitors are welcome to bring cameras and video recorders.


Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash

Designed by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century, this building may tell a lot of tales. The Crown Jewels are the most precious item under the care of its protectors, the renowned ravens, and the Yeomen.

Henry VIII, the Tudor king, frequently imprisoned spouses and enemies for treason before having them executed, and the Tower was one of his primary detention facilities. The two princes, sons of Edward IV, resided there for a while before their enigmatic killings were purportedly ordered or carried out by the future Richard II, who wished to eliminate rival contenders to the English throne.

The Tower of London is a historic castle located on the north bank of the river Thames in central London. It was founded in 1066 as part of the Norman Conquest of England. The tower has served variously as an armory, a treasury, a menagerie, the home of the Royal Mint, a public record office, and the home of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. It is one of the most famous and iconic buildings in England and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

The largest collection of flora in the entire globe is found in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. The collection, amassed over many years, serves as a stunning reminder of the diversity of plants found around the planet. With more than 1,000 employees, Kew collaborates with around 100 nations. Visitors are sure to be impressed by what they can see as they wander around this significant research facility. In places with tropical flora on display, you might feel warm even on chilly winter days.

Kew Gardens is located in Richmond, London, and is one of the world’s most famous botanical gardens. The gardens feature more than 50,000 species of plants and trees, including the world’s largest collection of living plants. Kew Gardens is a great place to explore and experience nature. There are many attractions to enjoy, including a Treetop Walkway, a Palm House with exotic plants, a Rock Garden, a Temperate House, a Waterlily House, and a Pagoda. Visitors can also take a guided tour of the gardens and learn about the plants and trees. There are also many educational programs and events held at Kew Gardens, such as lectures and workshops. The gardens also host a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Kew Gardens

Festival and the Kew Garden Festival of Music. Kew Gardens is a great place to spend a day and explore the beauty of nature.


Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash

This museum is crucial in understanding how London was able to grow into the enormous city you now see.

The evolution of London's transportation system and its role in the growth of the city are explained using other engines and well-known transportation posters. The tube driver training simulator is a standout among the entertaining interactive exhibitions. The underground railway replaced the era of horse-drawn vehicles. Visitors may easily access all areas of the city because of the enormous infrastructure revealed by the underground map.

The London Transport Museum is a great place to explore the history of London's transport network. Visitors can travel through time and explore the Victorian age, the Edwardian era, the 1930s, and the 1960s. The museum houses a variety of interesting exhibits including vintage buses, trams, and underground trains. Visitors can also experience interactive activities, such as a virtual time capsule ride, which allows them to see how London's transport system has changed over the years. The museum also features a variety of educational and interactive activities, making it a great place to visit for all ages.

Purchase a ticket for admission to the London Transport Museum.


Photo by Katya Korovkina on Unsplash

In Kensington Palace, the State Apartments are sure to wow.

The William and Mary estate hired Sir Christopher Wren to enlarge the 1605 mansion around the turn of the 20th century. The British royalty lived here for the next 70 years before moving to Buckingham Palace, per his plans to add new wings to the original structure. The palace serves as the official residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales today, as well as a venue for a number of dinners and other events.

Visits to the magnificent gardens and the open-to-the-public apartments are highly recommended. Visit Kensington Palace to get a glimpse into the royals' daily lives.

Kensington Palace is located in Kensington Gardens, London, and is the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family. The palace has a long and varied history, having originally been built as a two-story mansion house in 1605. It was later developed into a royal palace by William III and Mary II, who moved there in 1689. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was the residence of a number of British monarchs, including George III and Queen Victoria. Today, the palace is open to the public and is home to a number of attractions, including the King’s State Apartments, the Queen’s Gallery, and the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection.


With interactive shows, live performers, and two underground rides, the London Dungeon on the South Bank does a fantastic job of illuminating London's colorful criminal past.

When the Dungeon first opened in the 1970s, there were only a few wax models; but, over time, it underwent upgrades. Here, a thousand years of London history are represented. Many murders were perpetrated at Sweeney Todd's Fleet Street barbershop, where Jack the Ripper and Whitechapel are arguably even more well-known.

You are transported back to dark times on the trip to the new gate for execution.

The London Dungeon is a tourist attraction in London, England, which recreates various gory and macabre historical events in a gallows humor style. It uses a mixture of live actors, special effects, and rides. The London Dungeon is located near London Bridge and is a popular attraction for both foreign and domestic tourists. It is operated by Merlin Entertainments.


The Comedy Horror Ghost Tour is a little different from the other bus excursions offered in Central London, which are wonderful for general sightseeing.

As you tour the West End, Central London, and the region south of the Thames, your conductor will add to the unsettling feeling you will experience. The stories will come to life with the help of actors and technical effects. You'll visit graveyards and spooky locations while hearing some lesser-known tales. Even some of the most popular sights in the city, including Westminster Abbey, Fleet Street, The Tower of London, and London Bridge, have eerie legends.

The Comedy Horror Ghost Tour in London is a unique experience that combines comedy, horror, and ghost stories to create an unforgettable tour! You and your group will be taken on a tour of some of London’s most haunted locations. You will have the chance to explore haunted graveyards and old buildings and hear stories of the ghosts that haunt them. You will also experience theatrical performances, interactive games, and spooky stories that will make you laugh and scream in equal measure. The tour is perfect for those who are looking to experience the more macabre side of London.

After your tour, you might have a different perspective on these locations, and perhaps you won't have any nightmares that night.

10- British Museum

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